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This blog exist so that I can have a place to post what I want.


So sometime yesterday whilst people were still freaking out about the latest DA:I trailer, I hit 1,000 followers. Thanks.

So I’m doing a giveaway.

If you’re one of my followers and you like or reblog this by 9:00am, 28th April 2014 GMT, I’ll pick one of you at random and you’ll receive a free character drawing. Thats right, like or reblog this before MONDAY MORNING to win.

Terms and boring stuff:-

You’re following my blog (because I love my 1,000 followers), You’ve liked or reblogged this post, or both for 2 entries. Not much else. 

I’ll inform the winner by ask box, so keep that open. If the original winner doesn’t reply within 48hrs i’ll pick a new one.

Thanks again guys, you all mean the world to me.

Popping this in the dragon age tag as I think most of my followers are from the Bioware Fandom.

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When I get the time, in like 7 weeks, I shall do something more serious. 

For now some warmup doodles because I needed to see if it worked



Alright, so here’s a screenshot confirming that Dagna (the peppy dwarven mage from Dragon Age: Origins), will have a presence in Inquisition. How much of a presence has yet to be revealed, and probably won’t be before the game’s release, but she will be in the game, and from the wording on the screen shot, she’ll probably have at least a few lines of dialogue. 

Now what I find most interesting is that she’s specifically referred to as “Artificer Dagna”, a fact made significant by the recent revelation that one of the specializations for the rogue class is called “Artificer” as well.

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jk rowling’s reasoning as to why fenrir greyback turned remus into a werewolf: remus’s father insulted him so he did it as an act of revenge

the actual reason greyback bit remus: the temptation to succumb to the fact that biting remus whose name literally means ‘werewolf’ would be the greatest feat in lycanthropic irony the world had ever seen



*makes heterophobic text post*

It’s a metaphor, see? You make a mean text post, but you don’t back it with thousands of years of violently-upheld institutional power, so it doesn’t have the power to actually hurt anyone. 

best one yet

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we reblog the clothes we think we deserve

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Gettin sick of that false equality mindset that’s flying around.

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white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

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Nicki claps with her ass

Go girl

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A moment of silence for the poor students who were in Harry’s year and only wanted a normal Hogwarts education.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer - Magic

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